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Joan Mas i Ramon is a post-impressionist fine artist based at Barcelona and Paris. His painting was created in the post-impressionism with influences of cubism, abstract art and the new figurative. It departs from the conventional dogmas of landscape painting, to give life to a remarkably personal language.

Joan Mas exhibited throughout Europe since early in the 1960s, when he embarked on his career upon completion of his study under the guidance of Roger Chastel at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He also studied painting at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, where he became involved with other artists in an alternative environment. In 1981 he was elected to membership in the Passeig de Gràcia group of Barcelona.

Some art reviews

“The geometric rhythm is the property of Joan Mas when facing the canvas. In front of a landscape, he draw a series of guidelines that are what make the move that will occur in it. The vertical and horizontal give rise the shapes that Joan Mas locates to birth the depth. Urban views are subject dear to the artist: Paris, Chartres , Honfleur and Venice are places he had visited to plant stand and work towards reality. He idealized it, and allows only his fantasy to become compositional elegance, sometimes merely hinted ways to outline some chairs that just stand out from the rest of the fabric, but they create an atmosphere that blends with the embodied gardens. Sometimes it is carried away by the beauty of a Venetian church and bold frames, colorful angles arise.

Joan Mas put aside what might prevail in his work, accidental, and basically looking at a work of synthesis. And got it intones fabric with full control of color, always within a cold ranges, bluish, who qualifies with a spatula until a tone without distortion. It's thw work of someone that has become to conclusions, who has very clear ideas. Joan Mas has set some premises and keeps, his work, constructivist, structuralist, is firm, deep and serious.”

—Joan Llop S. “Gal Art”

“The great virtue of this painting is the powerful expression of serenity, which comes not only from the peace rooted in experience but from true wisdom and a sensitive intelligence.”

—Fernando Gutierrez. “La Vanguardia”

“This quality is a manifestation of his individual vision and talent in respect to rendering quiet tones of true values in his tranquil compositions. Joan Mas' street scenes are peopled with live figures involved in routine activities. His perspective, sometimes distorted, is completely believable nevertheless; architecture is rendered with minimal detail with the fall of natural light responsible for atmospheric perspective creating an illusion of depth. Colours are true; blue-greys and red-orange give the impression of ageing bricks and city skies. Joan Mas' paint handling and loose technique is beyond reproach; art critics often comment on it and gallery visitors are attracted to its paintings quality.”

—“La Vanguardia”