Joan Mas

Price listing

Approximate price listing of Joan Mas paintings.

3 27×22cm 27×19cm 27×16cm 850€
4 33×24cm 33×22cm 33×19cm 1100€
5 35×27cm 35×24cm 35×22cm 1300€
6 41×33cm 41×27cm 41×24cm 1500€
8 46×38cm 46×33cm 46×27cm 1900€
10 55×46cm 55×38cm 55×33cm 2300€
12 61×50cm 61×46cm 61×38cm 2500€
15 65×54cm 65×50cm 65×46cm 2700€
20 73×60cm 73×54cm 73×50cm 3000€
25 81×65cm 81×60cm 81×54cm 3500€
30 92×73cm 92×65cm 92×60cm 4000€
40 100×81cm 100×73cm 100×65cm 5000€
50 116×89cm 116×81cm 116×73cm 6000€

Shipping costs are not included. The prices shown are approximate and are applicable only to the pictures marked as “available”. Pictures which have already been acquired may be or not on sale, and its price it depends only on the owner. Pictures marked as “collection” are not for sale. Prices are set according to the size of the picture. Standard sizes are shown in the table, the same size has three formats: figure (F), landscape (P) and marine (M). All three formats have in common the length of the longer side, the shorter side varies few centimetres and does not affect the price. Updated to 2014.